Bridgnorth Lions Junior Fun Run Rules

For safety reasons, the Junior Fun Run is restricted to 250 Juniors (between the ages of 9 and 15 inclusive, on the day of the walk). Junior walkers cannot be accompanied by an adult as this would compromise our safety measures, particularly on crowded parts of Brown Clee Hill. There may be cases, for example, for medical reasons, that a junior walker must have constant supervision; please Contact Us if this is the case as we can make individual exceptions by prior agreement.

The safety of our junior walkers is paramount and for this reason we have implemented a number of safety measures:

  • Roads are closed to all traffic at the start of the Junior Fun Run for the first 3 miles.
  • The course is clearly marked so that no-one should stray off the course.
  • Junior runners and walkers are counted before the start, and counted in at the finish. The Junior Fun Run is not closed until all walkers are accounted for.


  • Marshals provide water at checkpoints at each mile of the course.
  • Marshals will be on the lookout for any runner or walker who is struggling.
  • If necessary, they can arrange collection of any runner or walker unable to continue.
  • First aid at 5 miles and at the finish (Ditton Priors Village Hall).
  • At The Finish (Ditton Priors Village Hall)
  • Refreshments will be available at the finish for all participants.

Getting to the Junior Fun Run

Competitors are required to make their own way to and from Ditton Priors. Restrictions on access to / from the start area by car will apply to ensure the safety of the runners and walkers and to avoid congestion.