Bridgnorth Lions plan to bring a host of innovations which will benefit participants in the 2018 Bridgnorth Walk on Spring Bank Holiday Monday. The event annually raises more than £100,000. The entry fee will remain at £15 for adults but there will be a new £5 entry fee for juniors participating in the seven mile event based in Ditton Priors.

Lions Walk chairman, Peter Parker, said: “We were delighted with the way the event ran in  2017. But afterwards we listened to many suggestions and have decided that there are  several areas where improvements can be made in terms of safety, enjoyment and efficiency , as well being  better from an environmental perspective.”

In particular the early part of the route will change for several reasons. Instead of walking up the  Ludlow road and crossing the bypass at  the roundabout this year the walkers will leave Bridgnorth via Oldbury Wells, over the bypass footbridge and down  Manor Farm Lane  joining the old route at the junction with Telegraph Lane. This saves the inevitable disruption caused to all bypass traffic and is much safer as walkers are off the main road for quite a long way. Discussions are taking place with Shropshire council  on the potential partial closure of the B4364 in the direction from Cleobury North towards Bridgnorth. This will allow walkers to move back to the right hand side of the road as this was felt preferable.

Parker said: “This new approach will benefit walkers, although they will have to walk an estimated extra 0.4 miles  ! The return will also use this route. We will have marshals at the top of Oldbury Wells to ensure that walkers funnel safely across the footbridge and we ask for patience as we get experience of this new approach.”

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